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Aerianth and Volath's clutch has hatched. Dragons coming soon!

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A tropical paradise beckons you...

The freezing black of between releases its hold; and the environment sprawling below startles with the richness of its contrast. Bright sunshine only adds to the warmth of the air, faintly scented with the salty tang of the surging ocean below. The dragon banks easily, wings just catching the light before tilting to allow a stunning view of Ista Island: hills and valleys that boast a myriad of jungle greens, brilliantly blue oceans that wash up on shores of sparkling black sand, and in the midst of it all, a huge caldera. Rising from the lush, exotic landscape are the five black spires of the spent volcano that houses Ista Weyr.

A brush of wings, the high arcing of pinions and the slightest of nudges signals a landing; and even as the rider unbuckles you from the dragon's straps you notice endless activity. Children play by the corrals, teasing the herdbeasts with handfuls of sweet grass. A class of Weyrlings is being led through demanding exercises, preparing to one day fly with the Fighting Wings. Harper and Weaver Journeymen discuss the latest spicy creation to come out of the kitchens. Above, a wing of dragons--bronze, brown, blue and green--appears in the sky and banks down to the far end of the bowl in perfect formation. Nearby, an elderly man applies salve to a young blue's injured wing as his worried lifemate looks on. A gaggle of girls from the laundry wander past, heading down to the beach for a swim; their giggling mutes as the Weyrleader walks by and then bursts conspicuously louder. There is never a dull moment; the Weyr teems with life.

We invite you to stay a while and learn about Ista Weyr and her inhabitants. We're a text-based roleplaying community set at the end of the 10th interval of Anne McCaffery's world of Pern. If you want to come join us, connect to NorConMUSH at port 4210 and see for yourself how much fun Ista Weyr can be!

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