Candidate Chores

In the interest of not letting turns of training and education go to waste, those candidates how have specialized skills, knowledge or talents would be permitted to continue their work. A nanny would continue to spend time in the nursery, a gardener in the gardens and an assistant headwoman assisting the headwoman. However, they would also be assigned to a set of chores to be performed as well as many of the candidate chores build strength and experience in activities similar to those of weyrlinghood and are preparation in the event that a candidate should impress.

Assisting Elders - Elders of the Weyr may require meals brought to them, fed to them, or assitance in attending meals in the living cavern as well as help bathing and dressing. Of course, more often than not, they appreciate nothing more than an attentive ear and a chance to pass on stories and lessons.

Beating Rugs - Those things that are difficult or unreasonable to wash, including rugs, comforters and sometimes tapestries, are hung over lines in the bowl and beaten until free of dust. This helps to build arm strength.

Living Cavern Duties - This chore involves a variety or activities including the stocking of food and dinnerware at the serving tables, the collection of used dishes and napkins and the cleaning of surfaces.

Nursery Aide - Patience and creativity at put to the test when candidates are employed to help corral and entertain the weyr's children, useful training for dealing with any young, explorative mind.

General Custodial Duties - Be it sweeping up, mopping, changing glows or tidying the privies, candidates are exposed to all manner of general cleaning.

Infirmary Aide - This job basically entails all the stuff in the infirmary that has nothing to do with medicine. Cleaning, serving food or beverage to patients, washing equipment and generally provide an able body to do whatever might be needed. It's hoped that one might pick up some knowledge of first aid through the experience.

Food Prep - From chopping to stirring, all the mindless menial tasks of the food preparation await every candidate.

Dishwashing - The sticky, caked and seered remnants of every meal take a good bit of elbow grease and get candidates used to to scrubbing.

Laundry - Nothing teaches a young person respect for the work put into a clean set of clothes like doing the cleaning themselves.

Mending - Not only is the ability to weild a needle a useful skill, but it can also prepare candidate for making their hatching robes and perhaps someday sewing their riding straps.

Muck Stables - Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty! Keeping the stables tidy is a full time job and a good less for anyone who might one day be mucking up after a young dragon.

Sort & Deliver Letters - Letters and messages both from outside and within the Weyr all need delivery and this running around and finding people helps all candidates become familiar with the Weyr and her people.

Feeding Grounds Cleanup - To help candidate become desensitized to rent and dismemberd carcasses, they will sometimes be responsible for removing animal remains from the feeding grounds.

Time Off - Everyone gets some free time, even candidates!

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